Hi.  My name is Missy Miller and I want to thank you for visiting Elite Photo today. 

I am a Life and Wedding photographer in Batavia, Il and I travel all around photographing portraiture and capturing life.  I do all on-location photography.  That means I can come to your home, favorite quiet spot, place where you first met, or anywhere else you might want to capture a moment in time with imagery.

My work speaks about each individual I photograph.  My goal is simple:  To produce beautiful, endearing photographs.

I offer my clients a collection of prints composed of two different styles.  The first represents those spontaneous moments when the subject is not asked to participate with me or the camera (smile… turn sideways… put your arm around her).  These are the moments the photographer “sees”.  It would be a tearful glance between a bride and her groom, a touch of a mother’s hand on her child’s silky soft cheek, or maybe the hysterical laughter of two long-time friends.  Moments ike these are priceless.

The second style I employ is portraiture.  An art in itself, this involves the participation of my subject.  My goal in this style is to bring out the individual (or group’s) manner, feelings, and overall best qualities.  Through Self Portraitcareful planning, creativity, and often the ideas of you, the subject, I create one-of-a-kind images you, your children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren will forever cherish.

Things I LOVE…..

….Tide Pools…..A day at the beach with my hubby….The perfect wedding day…….Lilacs…… E&S………My Mom……..Cowboy boots……. Watercolors…….Hoobastank…..Making my own pickles (and eating them)……Wedding cake(who doesn’t)……laughing with my friends….Ripe tomatoes fresh off the vine…. Warm, raining days….

Have a happy day!!